All stands are booked on a first come first served basis, but priority is generally given to the preferred suppliers of the venue concerned at wedding shows.

We look for professional exhibitors offering a high-quality service. We look to achieve a variety of exhibitors offering a wide selection of services for each show we organise. We will limit the numbers of exhibitors within the same business sector ensuring that a variety of styles, prices and services offered, are covered. Exclusivity within a business sector cannot be expected unless this has been agreed with a company director and confirmed in writing.

As an exhibitor who has reserved a stand with us, you will receive the said stand space at the appropriate show detailed on your order confirmation and invoice. All space is allocated at the sole discretion of the company. Where requests have been made for a particular space, we will do our utmost to meet your requirements but this cannot be guaranteed. At wedding shows tables and chairs may also be provided. At other shows, the cost may be additional. All exhibitors should work within the stand area provided unless they have written confirmation contrary to this. You should not work in front of other exhibitors stands handing out leaflets or at any other part of the exhibition hall other than your designated area. Neither should you approach people who are already engaged with other exhibitors.

Sharing space with another exhibitor is not allowed. Neither is subletting of the space booked. Products and services offered at the exhibition must not deviate from those agreed at the time of booking. If your product or service alters, please call us to see if this can be accommodated. 

In the event that the company reasonably concludes that the behaviour of any exhibitor or their staff, agents or contractors is unacceptable, the exhibitor and staff will be required to leave the exhibition and no refund will be given. Exhibitors and their staff must agree to obey any reasonable instructions given to them by or on behalf of the company at the exhibition.

No illegal material can be displayed or sold by exhibitors. We reserve the right to remove such products and we will require the exhibitor to leave without any refund.  PA systems are not allowed without permission from the company. No cooking or heating equipment is allowed without prior permission. Electricity generators are only allowed with permission of the company and venue concerned. All noise levels must be confined to an acceptable level for other around you to continue to do business. If you are asked to lower the noise levels and persistently refuse to comply, you will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.

No Litter or other items should be left after the event. If removal of such is required there will be an additional cost to the company or venue which may be passed on to the exhibitor. Please ensure you are compliant with the current Health and Safety regulations at all times at the exhibition. All exhibitors must have Public Liability Insurance. The company will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to exhibitor’s property or equipment whatsoever.

We require a 50% deposit to secure your stand immediately to continue to hold the booking. Failure to pay this could result in your stand being cancelled. Where a stand may have been cancelled due to none payment, a £30 +VAT admin fee is payable to re-instate a booking. When deposits are not paid on time, we will not take future bookings without the deposit being paid at the time the booking is taken.

Deposits are non-refundable or transferable.

A VAT invoice will be sent to you stating the final payment date. Balance payments are due 6 weeks prior to the wedding show date. Failure to pay this amount could result in your stand being cancelled. No exhibitor will be allowed to set up without full payment being made.

Where possible we will negotiate complimentary or reduced cost drinks and parking for exhibitors throughout the day. This is not possible at every venue. You will be notified of this in the exhibitor’s information pack emailed to you around one week prior to the show. This will provide you with all the necessary information for the day.

Electricity cannot be guaranteed as this depends on the venue facilities. However, every effort will be made to ensure that it is provided where possible. Electricity should be requested at the time of booking your stand. Electricity has an additional cost at some exhibitions, you will be informed of this at the time of booking.

All stands will be charged at the rate quoted at the time of booking. Where special offers are available this will only be relevant from the date the offer is made to the closing date of the promotion. Offers will not apply to bookings previously made or after the relevant dates.

As an exhibitor at a venue, you are solely responsible for all insurance cover required. This includes Public Liability and accidental damage. Please ensure you carry this cover as any accidents or damage to the venue that may occur as a result of your stand or equipment, is your liability and not that of the organiser or venue. Should any claims arise as a result of your stand or equipment, you will be responsible for any payments of such.

Any related queries should be raised at the time the confirmation is received.

Receipt of the deposit constitutes agreement to these Terms and Conditions of Business.

The company reserves the right to cancel a stand at their discretion. Under such circumstances a full refund will be given. The Directors decision is final.

Where a show is cancelled for whatever reason, where possible you will be given an alternative date or show. Where an exhibition or show is cancelled or postponed due to circumstances beyond the control of the company, they are not liable for any losses incurred by the exhibitor. In such cases where shows are postponed, it is our policy to offer a replacement stand like for like, no refunds will be given.  Under such circumstances the company is entitled to retain the whole, or some of the sums paid to them to cover expenses incurred by the company in connection with the event.  Exhibitors shall indemnifythe company against all costs, charges, losses and expenses, proceedings or claims arising out of any infringement of the right of any third party, including damage and injury to any property or person whatsoever which is caused directly or indirectly by the act, default or negligence of the exhibitor or its staff.

Should you require to cancel a stand for whatever reason, the deposit is non-refundable. Cancellations must be received in writing. If cancelled within 6 weeks of the show date, then the full amount is due.

Every effort is made to ensure that the attendance on the day of the show is good. This always includes advertising campaigns in a variety of media which includes, posters, banners, web exposure, invitations from both the venue and our couple’s database and pre-registered attendees from our website. Facebook and Twitter are also used to attract couples on the day. We cannot be held responsible for what may be deemed as lower attendance on the day. This can be caused by a variety of incidents including road works/accidents, good weather, bad weather and a variety of unknown uncontrolled circumstances. As with all forms of advertising we cannot guarantee that business will be obtained from exhibitions. Business is often gained many months after the wedding show. Refunds are not given. We accept no deemed responsibility for any consequential loss from a show or advert.

You will be given the time that the exhibition is open to the public. Exhibitors should not dismantle there stand or move vehicles prior to the official closing time.


Absolute Bridal magazine.

A confirmation of the Issue, dates covered and rate charged, will be confirmed to you on email. 

A VAT invoice will follow by email, which is due for payment by the date of the invoice being the time of the magazine going to print. When late space is booked i.e. within a 7 day period of deadline, we will require immediate payment. Failure to pay will result in credit control reminders which lead ultimately to legal recovery where the debt has not been paid.

A copy deadline will be given to you at the time of booking. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that copy is ready for print by this date. Failure to do so could result in full payment being due albeit the advert may not have run.

We are able to design adverts free of charge for the magazine where required. In order to do so we require High resolution images (300 dpi minimum) together with text, logo and contact details in order for us to design the artwork by the deadline stated. A proof will be provided for your approval.  Any amendments should be emailed to us by the date specified on the proof. Please check the entire advert for changes as we only allow up to 2 corrected proofs per advert, thereafter a fee of £10 per amendment will apply.

It is the customers responsibility to check artwork is correct. Please check carefully all details on the advert especially names, addresses, telephone numbers, dates, times and prices. Absolute Bridal magazine does not accept responsibility for any undetected errors on confirmation of proof which includes email.

When a proof has been approved by the client as correct, we cannot take responsibility for any errors found thereafter.

If complete artwork is supplied which proves to be incorrect, Absolute Bridal magazine does not take responsibility.

Advertisements will be placed in the magazine at the discretion of the company. Apart from premium positions being inside front cover, inside back cover and outside back cover, page 3 and early right-hand page as requested. Specific positions cannot be guaranteed unless confirmed in writing by a director.  The company will however make every effort to comply with requests but cannot guarantee position apart from the premium positions mentioned.

Absolute Bridal magazine (Main Event Wedding shows Ltd) owns the copyright of all artwork designed by them. This must not be reproduced without prior consent from the publisher.

If you would like to use the artwork in any other publication, you can purchase this for £50 plus vat. 

Editorial cannot be guaranteed in any article or particular relevant feature. Whilst every effort is made to include clients who express an interest in a particular feature, we cannot include every client within the category who either exhibits or advertises with us, in the feature being covered.  Every effort will be made to support our regular advertisers and exhibitors. However, this is dependent on a number of factors being the editorial deadline (which differs from the advertising deadline), the client’s availability to talk to the editor at the time the article is written and the availability of good quality images (300 dpi minimum) from the client for the relevant feature. It is unlikely that clients will be included if good quality images are not provided.

Regarding images, any images used or supplied for use within the magazine should be owned by the client supplying the images. Where they have been taken by a professional photographer, the photographer owns copyright and we cannot use or print them without the written consent of the photographer in question. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain and supply Absolute Bridal magazine with these details where applicable.

In the event of you wishing to cancel your advertisement, this must be received in writing not later than 28 days prior to the relevant deadline. For series bookings of more than 2 issues, we require 56 day’s notice in writing.

When a client has paid in advance for advertisements, we regret that this is none refundable.

Where editorial content has been given on condition of a series booking of advertisements, the series cannot be cancelled (especially after the editorial has been printed) and must continue until the series has expired. Payment is still due.

It is the advertiser’s responsibility to comply with all advertising legislation; Absolute Bridal magazine cannot be held responsible for any breech of regulations.

No part of the publication may be reproduced or stored without prior permission from the publishers.

Whilst every care is taken at the time of print to ensure that all details are correct, the publisher is not liable for errors or omissions in articles, listings or advertisements.

Views expressed are not necessarily those of the publishers.

Receipt of artwork or the components for us to design your artwork, constitutes agreement to these Terms and Conditions of Business.

Absolute Bridal magazine (Main Event Wedding Shows Ltd) will make every effort to ensure that the magazine is available for the period specified.  However, we cannot be held responsible for late/delayed delivery due to unforeseen circumstances of any kind, under such circumstances no refunds will be given.

Absolute Bridal magazine is distributed to the target audience of wedding related readers and in particular, Brides/couples. We cannot be held responsible for lack of enquires to your advert. As there is a lead time up to a wedding of several years, information can be stored by readers and result in an enquiry over that period of time or even longer. Whereas we provide the audience, we cannot guarantee response.